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john hambor sports training
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John Hambor, Certified Personal Trainer & Owner
ACE Certified Personal Trainer                                                          NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist                                                        ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
ACE Senior Fitness Specialist                                                              ACE Youth Fitness Specialist
ACE Special Olympics Inclusive Fitness Training Certified                   ACE Functional Training Specialist

With over 15 years of professional personal training experience in the health & fitness industry and a lifetime involvement in sports & fitness,  John approaches personal training and fitness differently than the average personal trainer.  He bases his business ethic and client-trainer relationship around a strong emphasis on professionalism, integrity, motivation, honesty, and dependability.  He has held a current ACE Personal Training Certification for over 15+ years, and also holds certifications as a ACE Functional Training Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE Senior Fitness Specialist, and ACE Youth Fitness Specialist.   Having actively participated in several sports and a strong focus on ice and roller hockey from age 10 to current, John incorporates this athletic background and mindset into his beliefs and style in many fun, effective ways. He resides locally  and has changed the lives of Bloomingdale, FishHawk, Riverhills, and the greater Tampa Bay area residents for over 15 years now.



John specializes in functional and athletic performance training with a strong emphasis on advanced core strength and stability exercises.  He designs each client's program around their individual goals, abilities, disabilities, and personal obstacles in order to provide each person with the safest and MOST effective, efficient, challenging, and fun workout possible.  His belief of a balanced program through strength, stability, coordination, and performance allows him to take an individual's workout "outside of the box", thus destroying the typical "meat-head" trainer mentality to exercise.  John approaches fitness  not as a "job", but a career AND lifestyle, which you will find truly sets him apart from the typical part-time and/or inexperienced trainers so common in the industry.

Katie Eckstein, Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Certified                                                                 BrandX Kids Certified
OPEX Level 1 Certified                                                                       3rd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
CrossFit Mobility Certified                                                              3-Year Qualifying Regionals CrossFit Athlete

Katie has always been a Tampa girl, and even decided to attend college at USF to stay close to her family, friends, and the ocean. In high school, she participated in track and cheerleading, but her first love was Taekwondo. She had been involved and taught at several schools throughout her martial arts career and even earned the rank of third degree black belt. She wanted more. 


She had first seen Crossfit by watching people run down the street carrying all sorts of weights. She noticed inside people were lifting barbells and doing pull-ups on a rig mounted on the side. She drove by this place for several weeks on her way home from college classes until she had the courage to go inside. 


It was love at first workout. Katie had always been interested in becoming the best version of herself and she knew this is where she belonged. Katie continued Crossfit, moving to several different gyms and making many new friends along the way. She soon realized that she wanted to make Crossfit more than just a hobby. So from just a small girl in 2010, Katie worked hard and started competing in local competitions. In 2015, all her hard work had paid off. She finally made it to the big stage at the Crossfit Regionals representing the Atlantic Region on a team of 3 men and 3 women. The following year, she competed as an individual, surpassing over 10,000 women in her region. 


Although Katie loves Crossfit, her goal was always to help other people attain their fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves, just as she had done. Early after college, Katie became a certified Physical Education teacher and wanted to work with young kids on improving their self-esteem, lifestyle habits, and fitness. After about 5 years in the school system, a need for a Crossfit Coach had come up at her own gym! She got her L1 trainer certificate and started to coach part time, which eventually turned into her full time career. She has since then earned her Crossfit Level 2 Trainer Certification, Brand X Kids Certification, Pre/Post Natal Certification, OPEX Level 1 Training Certificate, and even became part owner/manager of a local Crossfit gym this past year.  


Katie loves spending time with her husband, Adam (who she met at her first Crossfit gym) and two cat kids, Sammy and Lilly.  If you are interested in working with Katie, please contact her today at (813) 601-0141 or

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