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Exclusive Memberships

The difference is EXCLUSIVITY with strict membership eligibility requirements!  


                               * ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP *

A membership is ONLY available with the purchase of personal or group training.  A membership can be retained thereafter for as long as you would like, even without purchasing additional training.  ONLY family members of a current member are eligible  for a membership without the purchase of training.



We are a private fitness facility.  One of our most unique features is our exclusive, studio-like approach to fitness.  You will find our atmosphere of friendly, like-minded and driven individuals creates a more comfortable, inviting and motivating environment.  Our private, more personable atmosphere ensures a safer, cleaner, less crowded experience.


While other gyms are constantly pushing for more members, we pride ourselves on the exact opposite.  We believe less is more in order to the highest level of customer service.  This unique approach to fitness is impossible to match at chain "big box" fitness facilities.  Evolution is locally owned and operated by nationally accredited, certified personal trainers with decades of experience.... not a corporation or part-time, entry-level employees with little to no fitness experience.  With an experienced certified personal trainer often in the facility, we are ALWAYS happy to answer, assist, and improve your experience anytime you might be seeking expertise.  You'll quickly see the difference a truly exclusive, private fitness experience can provide over what you've probably come to expect from your typical generic gym.  


Things we're not?  Crossfit, boot camp, a HIIT or aerobic group "class".  Whew, thank God!    By not limiting our approach to a single format of fitness, our specialized training facility can safely offer results through a more individualized, personal approach to the ever-evolving trends while being guided by proven exercise science.  


Monthly Rates, No Long-Term Contracts!

$44.95 + tax


Single person.

16 or older.

$69.95 + tax


Two people.

One 16 or older.

Same household.

$99.95 + tax


3 or 4 People.

One 16 or older.

Same household.

* Additional costs and terms may apply.

NO Enrollment Fees for NEW Members!!!

As a member, you'll receive a discounted training rate and 24-hour access to your training facility, along with all features, including cardio equipment, strength training equipment, obstacle training equipment, balance & stability equipment, and much more!  7-days a week, 365 days a year.  Our facility includes clean bathrooms/changing rooms, lockers to secure valuables, complimentary towels, and sanitizing options.  


"The DEW" (Daily Evolution Workout) is posted daily and features a total body workout if you're looking for ideas or more structure.   And questions, advice, or concerns are always gladly answered by a qualified, certified trainer when present.



A membership is not required to work with a trainer at EVO, but it is highly recommended, from our experience, to ensure optimal results and the best bang-for-your-buck!



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