How Much Does Training Cost?


Not surprisingly, this is typically the first question most people have.  As a business/gym which prides itself on catering to you as an individual, there is not a "universal" price.   Your personal training and/or group training program should be catered to your specific goals, abilities, disabilities, schedule, and budget.  These things will dictate your exercise frequency, session length, package size, and overall structure... which will, in-turn, then dictate package specificity & pricing.  Therefore, the most accurate way for us to make recommendations on the type and structure of personal training or group training  required to attain your goals is for us to sit down with you and take you through an assessment where we can get to know you better!  It's our goal to provide you with a straight-forward, no-pressure experience.

Our "Secure Facility Policy" allows us to offer the utmost level of uninterrupted service to those who have chosen to become a part of our  Evolution Dynamic Fitness family, in addition to providing our members and personal training clients with a safe envir0nment.  One of our greatest features is our level of customer service and exclusivity which we believe to be unmatched by any  gym, studio, or fitness facility in the area.  We apolologize for any inconvenience, but would be happy to schedule you a personal tour of our facility and/or answer any questions you may have... simply call, email, Facebook, or contact us through this website and we'll get back to you ASAP!



Why Are The Doors Always Locked?


What Makes Evolution Better?

The exclusivity.  The personal trainers.  The atmosphere.  The overall Evolution experience cannot be matched, let alone beat, by ANY other fitness related facility in the area, especially those "big box" corporate gyms.  We offer a personable, close-knit approach to fitness.  With an extremely limited number of exclusive memberships available, and strict eligibility requirements, we have created an un-crowded atmosphere where you can feel comfortable, committed, and assured that everyone here at our gym is on the same team as you!  Our standards of cleanliness, customer service, and professionalism are realized as soon as you walk through our door.  


What Makes Evolution's Personal Trainers Better?

Over 15+ years of PROFESSIONAL, (NCAA certified) personal training experience.  Holding several current NCAA accredited certifications, we have made health & fitness a career... not a part-time "job".  We not only live, breathe, and practice what we preach, but we also call the same community our home and have built lasting realtionships with fellow residents and professionals of the Valrico area for over 10 years now.  We approach health and fitness from a versatile, open-minded, functional, and most importantly.... REALISTIC view-point.  Our unique approach to personal training caters to each client as an individual. We emphasize that there are many ways to exercise, as well as motivate & inspire.  We as individuals, as is the case with the fitness industry in general, are continually learning & evolving with the times in order to provide you with the most effective, cutting-edge forms of training possible.  The biggest mistake people make is assuming that all personal trainers are created equal. We openly accept the challenge to show you there is a major difference!

Who Is Evolution For?

We'll be the first to tell you, Evolution Dynamic Fitness is not for everyone... and that's precisely what makes us better.  One, of many, problems with those "big box" gyms and even most small studios/fitness facilities is that they try to cater to EVERYONE (because they want to make as much $$$ as possible!) and as a result, they do a disservice to the client or member by not truly specializing in ANYTHING.  Evolution Dynamic Fitness, on the other hand, will never try to be a "one-size-fits-all" type of facility.  Instead, we embrace a niche market of those seeking a more exclusive, personal, higher-end, functional fitness experience and focus on our commitment to quality for these specific people.   Evolution seeks those who set goals, embrace challenge, enjoy variety, and are ready to make health and fitness a priority in their life.  We want our members and clients to experience the same level of comfort, cleanliness, and organization you would in your own home.  If you don't value these qualities, we'd be glad to point you in the direction to one of the many "bottom-dollar, low-expectations" fitness facilities in our area!


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**Our Secure Facility Policy:  Our doors remain secured at all times.  In order to maintain the highest level of un-interrupted customer service for our clientele, an appointment is necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience this may present.


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