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Current Small Group Training Offerings

EVO's Small Group Training sessions emphasize VARIETY!  Take advantage of everything from dumbbells, to medicine balls, Bosus, body-weight, cable machines, TRXs, ropes, resistance bands, and MORE!  Extremely limited class sizes of typically 3-6 participants ensures a safer, more personable experience.  Please contact us today to reserve your spot!

group personal training abs
cRuNch timE

Abs, obliques, lower back, balance and stability... your CORE will thank you!  Although these sessions work every muscle in your body...the primary focus here is always the core!



Total Evolution

A total-body workout, with a balanced focus between arms, legs, and cardio... all while incorporating endurance into this moderate intensity workout.  


group personal training boot camp

Small Group Training with John:

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, 30 mins.

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, 30 mins.

Small Group Training with Katie:


These CrossFit inspired workouts are moderate to higher intensity, full-body and SUPER EFFECTIVE while being safely led by one of the industry's best trainers!



Weekdays @ 5:30pm, 1 hour

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