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Evolution Dynamic Fitness's Small Group Training sessions are ever-evolving, which means you'll never have the same workout twice!  Get ready to use a wide variety of equipment, from dumbbells, to medicine balls, Bosus, body-weight, cable machines, TRXs, ropes, resistance bands, and MORE!  Please contact us for more details!


"Crunch Time" is a group training program with a primary focus on the CORE and ABDOMINAL muscles.  In this 30-minute program designed by a certified personal trainer, you can expect a stronger, more stable core, as well as improved balance and flexability.  Loss of body fat and a more defined stomach is also very common with proper nutrition.  The intermediate individual will fit right in here as a personal trainer challenges your core in ways never experienced before!






       Wednesdays @ 6:30pm


"Total Evolution" is a group training program with primary focus on the UPPER & LOWER BODY muscles, as well as CARDIO ENDURANCE.  In this 30-minute group training program designed by a certified personal trainer, you can expect stronger and more toned arms, back, chest, and legs.  Improved balance and overall endurance, as well as reduced body fat is also common with proper nutriton.  The intermediate to advanced individual will enjoy the pace, challenge, and results this workout delivers!





        Tuesdays @ 6:30pm



7 Days a Week


365 Days a Year



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