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Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training programs are small in size but BIG in results!  And that's what makes our small group training better than any other boot-camp, aerobic class, or group fitness style workout in town!  EVO's limited class sizes (typically 3-6) cater to the individuals participating, ensuring everyone receives the guidance and personalized touch you'd expect from working with a personal trainer.  These sessions are designed to replicate personal training as closely as possible, but at a fraction of the cost!  You can expect a completely different workout each and every time, utilizing a variety of equipment, including medicine balls, free-weights, ropes, TRX suspension straps, and so much more.


Are you looking for something more than the typical, generic, universal workout that every other " boot camp" in town offers? Then EVO's Small Group Training is for you.  Why settle for a one-size-fits-all style workout when we can offer you a better, safer, more effective way to exercise!  Don't exercise just to burn calories... exercise to improve your quality of life!  


Not a CrossFit.  Not a boot camp.  Not an aerobic class.   By not limiting our approach to a single mode of fitness, our specialized training facility can safely achieve results through an individualized, personal approach by catering to the ever-evolving trends & exercise science as well as whatever YOU, the individual, enjoys.  




Small Group Training is our most cost-effective way to train and can even be great supplement to one-on-one training while sharing the experience!  




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