Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training programs are small in size but big in results!  And that's what makes them better than any other boot-camp, aerobic class, or group fitness style workout in town.  With limited class sizes (usually 3-6 participants), we can cater these workouts to the individuals actually participating and ensure everyone receives first-hand recognition and assistance from their trainer.  We design these group sessions to be as similar as possible to a personal training we offer here, only at a fraction of the cost!  You can expect to experience a completely different workout each and every time, utilizing a variety of equipment, including medicine balls, free-weights, ropes, TRX suspension straps, and so much more.


If you're looking for something more than the typical generic, universal workout which typically fails to take into account each of it's unique participants specific abilities, disabilities, or goals.. then Evolution is for you.  Most group exercise programs are designed regardless of the varied individuals participating. We believe individuality is worth much more than a cheap sweat. Let us show you a better, safer, more effective way to exercise!  A way that not only burns  calories, but also improves and caters to you as an individual in order to improve your quality of life and most importantly avoid injury risk!  


We are not a CrossFit gym,  a "one-size fits all" group training program, or a "big box" aerobic class. We ARE a specialized training facility which achieves results through an individualized, personal approach via functional fitness, movement, and actual sports science in it's application toward YOU and your specific goals.




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Small Group Training is our most cost-effective way to train and can even be great supplement to one-on-one training while meeting like-minded individuals!  





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