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Experience CHALLENGE.                  Experience COMMITMENT.                Experience an EVOLUTION.

DY-NAM-IC adj.
     Characterized by continuous           change, activity or progress.
For over 11 years, our "dynamic" approach to fitness is the key to your success!  Our facility, philosophy, and atmosphere is built around the proven approach of variety, versatility, and performance.   We offer a truly unique environment which allows for creativity & innovation through  exercise science.  It's time YOU experienced an Evolution in fitness!
Welcome to Valrico's only PRIVATE, and 
most exclusive, 
training facility!

Tired of the same old boring workouts?  Impersonal, underqualified, and inexperienced staff?  Overcrowding?  Gym cliques and stereotypes?  Yeah, we agree, yuck!  We challenge you to check out the rest, AND THEN come see why our clients say we're the best!  Our community receives  the most exclusive experience, at Valrico's ONLY private, 24-hour functional fitness training facility.  If you're looking average, cut-rate and low standards.... look elsewhere!   At Evolution, our facility is designed to cater to variety, functionality, performance, and a truly personal, private fitness experience for optimal RESULTS!  Train with a purpose, train like an athlete, train for life, and take your mind and body to the next level!  


Schedule an appointment to see what makes us better than ANY other fitness facility in the area!  When you're part of Team EVO, you're truly part of something special.... and no longer just a number or dollar sign.  We're proud to not cater to the masses, therefore our facility and vision won't fit everyone's preference, but for those looking for something extra in their quest for improved health & fitness will find our more exclusive, private, and personable approach unique to our competitors. 


Things we're not?  Crossfit, boot camp, a HIIT or aerobic group "class".  Whew, thank God!    By not limiting our approach to one  single format of fitness, our specialized training facility can safely offer results through a more individualized, personal approach to the ever-evolving trends while being guided by proven exercise science and whatever works best for YOU.  

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