Experience CHALLENGE.                  Experience COMMITMENT.                Experience an EVOLUTION.

DY-NAM-IC adj.
     Characterized by continuous           change, activity or progress.
Our "dynamic" approach to fitness is the key to your success!  Our facility, philosophy, and environment is built around the idea of variety, versatility, and performance.   We offer a truly unique atmosphere which allows for creativity and innovation in  proven exercise science.  It's time to experience an evolution in fitness!
cardio variety

Welcome to Valrico's only PRIVATE, and 
most exclusive, 
training facility!

Tired of the same old boring workouts?  Impersonal, underqualified, and inexperienced staff?  Overcrowding?  We challenge you to check out the rest, AND THEN come see why we're the BEST!  Our members and personal training clients receive the most exclusive experience, at Valrico's ONLY private, premier functional fitness training facility.  If you're looking for the same old average gym, cut-rate service, and low standards....look elsewhere!   At Evolution, our facility is designed to cater to variety, functionality, performance, and a truly personal, private fitness experience with RESULTS!  Train with a purpose, train like an athlete, and take your mind & body to the next level!  


Come see what makes us better than ANY other fitness facility in the area!  When you're part of Evolution Dynamic Fitness, you truly are part of something special.... you're no longer just a number or dollar sign.  We don't cater to the masses, therefore our facility and vision won't fit everyone's preference, but those looking for something special in their health and fitness endeavor's will find it here through our exclusive, private, personable approach. 


We are not a CrossFit gym,  a "one-size fits all" group training program, or a "big box" aerobic class. We ARE a specialized training facility which achieves results through an individualized, personal approach via functional fitness, movement, and actual sports science in it's application toward YOU and your specific goals.


7 Days a Week


365 Days a Year



Appointment Only



4387 Lynx Paw Trail
Valrico, FL  33596

Tel: (813) 833-8368


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**Our Secure Facility Policy:  Our doors remain secured at all times.  In order to maintain the highest level of un-interrupted customer service for our clientele, an appointment is necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience this may present.


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cardio variety